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WI Ladies visit Portland Bill Lighthouse...

Lighthouse tour 2017 m

The sun was out as 10 WI ladies left the Village for a trip too Portland lighthouse. But wait why was there a space in the car? Oops we forgot Marion! Quickly turning round at Upwey we dashed back to collect poor Marion still waiting patiently to be picked up.

Lighthouse tour 2017 g

Start again , on a beautiful sunny morning 11 ladies left the village on the trip to the lighthouse. 9 ventured all the way to the top 153 steps in all , worth it for the view from the top . Our guide was really good ( a WI member from another village) . On return to ground level we were all awarded a badge to say we had made it too the top.

Lighthouse tour 2017 p

From there we headed into Portland for a quick browse of the charity shops and a very good lunch in the sugar loaf cafe.

coffee morn


Manor Grove
Communal Hall


10.30am - 12.00

Entrance: 50p
includes cake & biscuits


transport timtable

*As at 5th October 2017.

Waste Watch Scheme
- operating in the village.

Although papers can be separated and recycled with the bi-weekly refuse collection this scheme means that the local parish can financially benefit from separate treatment of newspapers.

There are two collection points each located at the Parish Office and the car park of the Village Hall by means of a green bin or box.

Your used newspapers and magazines can be bundled into manageable piles and securely tied with sturdy string. Newspapers and magazines should be bundled separately but can be placed in the same boxes and are regularly collected.

Please use this method of recycling where possible as credit is received via the current scheme to the parish for use towards local matters.

aline logo

Mondays and Fridays

Start - Aline Office
1st Stop - Mallards Green
2nd Stop - Manor Grove
3rd Stop - Village Shop
Finish - Aline Office
Leaves the Village Shop at 10.15am

Start - Aline Office
1st Stop - Mallards Green
2nd Stop - Manor Grove
3rd Stop - Village Shop
Finish - Aline Office
Leaves the Village Shop at 13.15am

Visit the Aline Taxis website HERE

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Tuesday, 23 01 2018

school bag
Winterbourne Valley
CE VA First School
click here

Everything you should know about Bonfires!

Bonfires! A word that tends to split opinion... good? ...or bad? One thing is for certain - there is a lot of miss-information and myths regarding things like: when, where and how we have bonfires. To read more about the rights (and wrongs) of bonfires, click on the link below to download a leaflet. Environment Protection UK have produced a leaflet giving us all the information we need to know - CLICK HERE

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Recycling, Rubbish & Food collection


Collections take place

7 - rubbish and food

14 - recycling and food
21 - rubbish and food
28 - recycling and food

5 - rubbish and food
12 - recycling and food
19 - rubbish and food
26 - recycling and food

2 - rubbish and food
9 - recycling and food
16 - rubbish and food
23 - recycling and food
30 - rubbish and food

7 - recycling and food
14 - rubbish and food
21 - recycling and food
30 Sat - rubbish  and food

6 Sat - recycling  and food
12 Fri - rubbish  and food
18 - recycling and food
25 - rubbish and food

1 - recycling and food
8 - rubbish and food
15 - recycling and food
22 - rubbish and food

MARCH 2018
1 - recycling and food
8 - rubbish and food
15 - recycling and food
22 - rubbish and food
29 - recycling and food

APRIL 2018
5 - rubbish and food
12 - recycling and food
19 - rubbish and food
26 - recycling and food

MAY 2018
3 - rubbish and food
10 - recycling and food
17  - rubbish and food
24 - recycling and food
31 - rubbish and food

JUNE 2018
7 - recycling and food
14 - rubbish and food
21 - recycling and food
28 - rubbish and food

JULY 2018
5 - recycling and food
12 - rubbish and food
19 - recycling and food
26 - rubbish and food

2 - recycling and food
9 - rubbish and food
16 - recycling and food
23 - rubbish and food
30 - recycling and food

6 - rubbish and food
13 - recycling and food
20 - rubbish and food
27 - recycling and food

* Except where otherwise stated

The next start date for the garden waste service is 1 December 2017.
Sign up by 31 October.