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Mileaters do the Coastal Path - Part Three

Coastal walk part 3 d
The first day of November 11 hardy mileaters turned up at the village green at the crack of 8.30am ready to tackle the 3rd part of the south coast path. After parking at the National trust car park in Burton Bradstock we walked down into village to board the x53 bus to take us to Chideock. Safely disembarking at Chideock we headed off down the lane to join the coastal path.  But a near murder took place along the lane when Stuart was almost scalped by a huge bramble thrown at him by Doctor Dave. Blood spurting Dr Dave could only offer a plaster. But tough old Stuart declined and  marched on  not worried he could be scared for life or bleed to death.

Entering the car park at Seatown we could see our path leading us to heaven. There were several rather large ups  and some of us wished we had taken oxygen cylinders with us. Reaching Thorncombe Beacon a well deserved coffee break was had. Making our way down into West Bay it had not gone unnoticed that  only 7 of the 11 actually did the coastal path, the other 4 took the gentle scenic route around the cliff tops. Don't worry they will not be allowed to live it down as they know who they are!

Coastal walk part 3 f

Arriving in West Bay a little earlier than planned we hung around the public toilets before going into the cafe for lunch. Here we were joined by 3 other mileaters who although the mind was willing their bodies were not and we had a great lunch before the next big climb faced us.  A great sense of achievement was felt by all as we reached the summit (Everest here we come) . One more up that was all we had left, but look who could we see descending down the hill towards us, Barbara and Ann. Stop stop we signalled but no down they came only to find out we were going  up that way. Yes the very last up and we all would have jumped for joy if only we had had the energy. Never had our cars looked so beautiful, never had our muscles ached quite so much. But for those 7 who walked it all, stand tall and be proud this is your certificate of achievement. Well done.

Coastal walk part 3 g

Your walk leaders thanks you,

Lesley and Mark Pemberton.

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*As at 25th March 2018.

Waste Watch Scheme
- operating in the village.

Although papers can be separated and recycled with the bi-weekly refuse collection this scheme means that the local parish can financially benefit from separate treatment of newspapers.

There are two collection points each located at the Parish Office and the car park of the Village Hall by means of a green bin or box.

Your used newspapers and magazines can be bundled into manageable piles and securely tied with sturdy string. Newspapers and magazines should be bundled separately but can be placed in the same boxes and are regularly collected.

Please use this method of recycling where possible as credit is received via the current scheme to the parish for use towards local matters.


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Mondays and Fridays

Start - Aline Office
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Start - Aline Office
1st Stop - Mallards Green
2nd Stop - Manor Grove
3rd Stop - Village Shop
Finish - Aline Office
Leaves the Village Shop at 13.15am

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Sunday, 22 07 2018

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APRIL 2018
5 - rubbish and food
12 - recycling and food
19 - rubbish and food
26 - recycling and food

MAY 2018
3 - rubbish and food
10 - recycling and food
17  - rubbish and food
24 - recycling and food
31 - rubbish and food

JUNE 2018
7 - recycling and food
14 - rubbish and food
21 - recycling and food
28 - rubbish and food

JULY 2018
5 - recycling and food
12 - rubbish and food
19 - recycling and food
26 - rubbish and food

2 - recycling and food
9 - rubbish and food
16 - recycling and food
23 - rubbish and food
30 - recycling and food

6 - rubbish and food
13 - recycling and food
20 - rubbish and food
27 - recycling and food

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The next start date for the garden waste service is 1 December 2017.
Sign up by 31 October.

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