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Latest Agenda
The agenda for the next meeting will be posted here as soon as it is available.

Previous Agenda and Minutes
Agenda and minutes for previous meetings can be accessed by using the links below. Also included below are the Chairman’s Report for 2016 and 2017. Other regular meeting related documents will be included here.

Please CLICK on the appropriate date to view PDF:

February 2018 Agenda
February 2018 Minutes

January 2018 Agenda
January 2018 Minutes

November 2017 Agenda
November 2017 Minutes

Stonewater Development Documents

September 2017 Agenda
September 2017 Minutes

July 2017 Agenda
July 2017 Minutes

June 2017 Traffic Report

June 2017 Traffic Data Burnside

June 2017 Traffic Data Mallards Green

May 2017 Agenda
May 2017 Minutes

May 2017 Annual Meeting Agenda
May 2017 Annual Meeting Minutes

May 2017 Annual Report

April 2017 Agenda
April 2017 Minutes

March 2017 Agenda
March 2017 Minutes

January 2017 Agenda
January 2017 Minutes

November 2016 Agenda
November 2016 Minutes

September 2016 Agenda
September 2016 Minutes

July 2016 Agenda
July 2016 Minutes

May 2016 Agenda
May 2016 Annual Parish Meeting Agenda
May 2016 Minutes
May 2016 Chairman’s Report

Monday, 19 02 2018

Council Meetings

The next meeting of the Parish Council is on:

26 February 2018
at 7.30 pm

The Old Reading Room, Martinstown, Dorchester,
Dorset DT2

Future meetings in 2018 will be held on:

Monday 26 March

Monday 23 April

Wednesday 30 May

all start at 7.30 pm

Further meeting dates for 2018 will be published here once confirmed.

The Annual Parish meeting for 2018 will be held on Thursday 17 May at 7:00 pm and the venue will be the Village Hall.