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The Village Shop is run by
Karen Barrett. 

The shop has been part of Martinstown for many years and features greatly in the community.

"I am privileged to live here so I am very aware of the importance of the shop and Post Office to our customers. It is a valuable resource for the village especially the older generation who rely on it for their provisions and money needs."

"I am keen to retain the traditional values in the shop offering a delivery service and the option of ordering what our customers require - be it papers, bread, fresh produce, meat, cream etc. We pride ourselves to always try to stock local produce and support our small businesses."

There is also a cafe area at the back of the shop where customers get together for a chat or a welcomed break for the many walkers and visitors to the village. In addition we offer fresh homemade soup once a week on a Thursday, along with daily homemade rolls.

As an extra element of interest we have various crafty items available made by local artists, this is something we wish to promote and encourage.

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Please do pop along to say hello...

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Shop & Post Office Opening Times

Mon-Fri 8am to 5.30pm
Weds 8am to 2pm
 8.30am to 4.30pm
Sun 9.30am to 12.30pm

Tel: 01305 889547

prescriptionPrescription Delivery Service in Martinstown

From Wednesday 1st March patients of the Portesham Doctor's Surgery will be able to request that your PRESCRIPTIONS be delivered to Martinstown's Village Store for collection.* 
*Contact the surgery direct to organise your prescription deliveries.

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Friday, 20 10 2017

ISS 1183 04530We stock all the national papers and have several magazines to choose from too. Please note - we can put by your paper daily or you can even have it delivered by our paper boy - seven days a week.

I can also order in your favourite magazine or one that you wish especially for a treat so please ask.



Last month I successfully held a meat raffle which was rather popular so this will now become a monthly fixture.

There will be three prizes consisting of a joint of meat, a breakfast pack and a seasonal choice. All meat is supplied from our local Kiwi butcher in Dorchester. 

Also do note if you did require any meat for everyday use or a special occasion  I can order in your specific requirements.

Hope to see you soon.  
Karen Barrett


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