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Martinstown Mileaters - “Spring’s around the corner”

Moreton 2
A small, but select band of Mileaters, dogs and a guest walker enjoyed a very enjoyable 5 1/2 mile walk through the heathland area north of Moreton. Despite a gloomy forecast the weather was particularly kind - quite mild and NO RAIN!

The walk started at the Culpepper Dish car park just south of Briantspuddle and proceeded through to Moreton Church, where we had a pleasant coffee break amongst the beautiful daffodils and snowdrops. Of course, the Whistler windows in the church are worth a look and a number of our party took the opportunity to go into the church.

Moreton 1
The walk back took us, for a while, alongside the tank training grounds, where there was considerable activity, with heavy tanks thundering by. Most of us had moments of reflection, considering the terrible trauma being inflicted in Ukraine by similar weaponry used by the Russians.

Those thoughts were undoubtedly still with us as we made our way back to the car park.

We did manage, however, to have a very nice lunch at the Blue Vinny pub at Puddle town

Mike Beesley

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Saturday, 25 06 2022
    Ferienhaus Ostsee

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