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Wet! Wet! Wet!

wet wet wet1
It wasn't supposed to rain, according to my BBC Weather app., but for the second consecutive Mileaters walk we arrived at our lunch venue somewhat bedraggled and wet-through; not for some years have we been rained-on, 2 walks on the trot.

wet wet wet3

A pity, as for most of our merry band of 18 (+ 3 dogs), this was a new circuit; after a close encounter with the perimeter fence surrounding Winfrith (according to the map it's known as a "Technology Centre") a pleasant 2 miles on the Jubilee Trail ensued, enjoying some rare sunshine after downpour number 1, bringing us to the entrance of Tadnoll Nature Reserve.

wet wet wet4

Across the heathland we manage to locate the rickety bridge connecting Tadnoll and Winfrith Heath NRs, but ominously all bird song had stopped - they must have sensed what was to befall us, and as we crossed the most exposed part of the heath so down it came. Sheltering in the birch wood, and not really finding much protection, we soldiered on only to be rewarded with the heaviest rain of the day.

wet wet wet2

Oh well, we drank the fixture back in "The Countryman" afterwards.

Personally, I blame Chris - rain was a rarity until his walk !

Nick Priddle

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Saturday, 25 06 2022
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