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Mileaters (some that can do heat!!)

With a few Mileaters away to Derbyshire, the walk today was a lovely peaceful amble up to the Hardy's circle of stones. 7 Mileaters and 1 dog despite the heat , meet on the village green at 3.45pm and proceeded up to the sea wall and along the ridgeway. Up there the breeze was very welcome.

Passing through Blackdown we walked up behind the circle of stones, met by Paula who had come from work and Barbara had driven up with a car full of chairs and ample picnic food which we had all given her earlier on the green.

Once again the breeze was very welcome and everyone happily tucked into a grand picnic, washed down of course with a few beers and some wine. We got lifts back down and a few somehow managed to fall into the pub!!!Last watering hole before heading home.

Lesley P

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Sunday, 14 08 2022
    Ferienhaus Ostsee

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