More WI 70th Anniversary Celebrations

70th birthday party c

Just after the Second World War, way back in 1948, the W.I was formed in Martinstown. The Martinstown W.I committee got together, to organise a 70th Anniversary Party. 

70th birthday party d

The committee organised fun interactive games, a "High Tea" and a “Best Corsage" competition. On arrival the members were served a refreshing cool glass of Prosecco (with a raspberry added). The committee co-ordinated and refereed the interactive games. The games were tricky, due to the Summer dresses and the sandals worn. The committee was required to referee the games, due to cheating by one of the teams. 

70th birthday party f

The “Best Corsage" was won by Roelie Newman and Angela Barratt came "Runner Up". Both corsages used unusual flower arrangements to create a stunning effect. Then a quirky poem was read out by Anne Tate, describing the members and events of the W.I. The poem received a reflective and joyful response, from the receptive W.I members. 

70th birthday party g

The "Pick & Mix" game had old shilling coins dated 1948, as prizes. Instead, of a Birthday cake, Lesley Pemberton carried through a watermelon, with the birthday label and candles attached. Then all the W.I members sang "Happy Birthday" together. 

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Let us all hope to continue to have many fun and eventful times, in the coming years for Martinstown W.I.

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Future Events;

12/09/18 @ 6.45pm. Open Evening to non members (men also welcome). 

British Owls.(Cherry Barlow).

An interactive and thought provoking evening.

Heather Bonser (Press Officer).