Report on Martinstown Garden and Craft Show – Sunday 18th August 2019.

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The Show seems rather a long time ago, but the weather seems to have prolonged the growing season, so we're all still rather garden-minded at the moment!

This year’s Show could have been a disaster because torrential rain and high winds the previous Friday caused havoc amongst the flowers and vegetables that had been so carefully tended, ready for the Big Day.

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It was almost a miracle that there were any exhibits at all in some classes. A very wet and cold Spring, followed by hot and dry weather, did not help gardens to thrive but somehow the Village Hall was dressed overall with a wonderful assortment of the best that people could produce.

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The Craft table displayed such a wide variety of different items that it was hard for the judges to decide on winners, but they were unanimous that the first place should go to Becky Dovey for a spectacular depiction of Abbotsbury, meticulously carved on a piece of driftwood. It was local, colourful and inspirational.

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Ann Matthews was this year’s judge for The Chairman’s Cup. She also found it a difficult task, as she could select a winner from any of the exhibits, but she finally decided on a beautiful cot quilt, hand made by Lesley Usherwood.

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The Show Committee donates surplus funds to a local charity and this year a contribution will be made to the Winterbourne Valley Community Trust. Many thanks to everyone who helps, from setting up and clearing away, to serving teas and most of all to the lovely people who volunteer to wash up.

By the way, now could be a good time to make your fruit vodka. Just save enough to submit to the next Martinstown Garden & Craft Show in August 2020.

See you there!

Martinstown Garden and Craft Show 2019
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...with thanks to Mike Bennett for supplying the photos.

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Martinstown Garden and Craft Show 2018 - REPORT


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The Martinstown Garden and Craft Show is quite inspirational really. It’s a bit like a party where everyone’s invited and people bring the best things that they have grown or made, to be admired by one and all.

The judges are essential of course, because not everyone can win 1st, 2nd or 3rd place. One judge who has been meticulously judging fruit and vegetables since the Show’s inception, the venerable Fred Penhaligon, spent several hours carefully considering every entry and his knowledge and experience are legendary. The same applies to the other judges and we thank them all very much for their efforts because this is a serious business.  

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But it is also great fun and the inspiration for the spirit of the Show came from its founder and Chairperson, Ann Priddle, until her sad and sudden death just a few months ago.

Certainly she would have loved the whole day. The number of entries and the standards attained were better than ever, a fine achievement when you consider the exceptional conditions of this hot and dry summer. A new crystal bowl, The Ann Priddle Trophy, was proudly donated by Ann’s family and won by Lesley Usherwood for her baking skills. 

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We hope all the lovely people who helped to make the day go so smoothly (setting up, serving teas and washing up, writing on raffle tickets – all the usual things!) will volunteer again next year, if we promise they can try some of the fruit gin entries after the judging.

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So that’s it for another year. If you are planning to make a fruit gin to enter in next year’s Show, now would be a good time to start. It should be ready to drink around Christmas time, but keep some for the Martinstown Garden and Craft Show 2019 when it will have matured to its full flavour.

Perhaps it could even win!

Martinstown Garden and Craft Show 2017 - REPORT

Sunday 20th August 2017 in the Village Hall. 

IMG 1935It just shows how much attention to detail the judges give to the exhibits when some of them ran well over their allotted judging time and were still having lunc

h when the first visitors to the show arrived, bang on opening time. The atmosphere in the hall was very quiet and serious during judging and of course, without their contribution, the Show could not happen. Because we don’t see them at work they are not always fully appreciated (especially by the people who haven’t won!) but we are all very grateful for their efforts.

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This year’s show was exceptionally colourful with some spectacular exhibits. Sally Webb’s fine flower display in a basket was a show stopper and there were several others, but the outstanding class this year was probably ‘small fruited cherry-type tomatoes’. These were very shiny and in every imaginable colour for a tomato, from yellow through orange and red, to Mike Beesley’s almost black beauties, cleverly presented in an egg box.

A dear lady of exceptional vintage, Mrs. Ethel Barnes, was the judge for the Chairman’s Cup. She selected the best exhibit, in her opinion, from any class and picked a single vibrant red gladiolus grown by Eileen Fisher. It was certainly a bloom of distinction and good to have a winner from the Garden section as in previous years, the winners of this trophy have come from Crafts. Chairperson Ann Priddle and her team would like to thank the many helpers who turn out every year to support the Show. Numbers of visitors and exhibitors were slightly up this year, so we plan to return to continue with a
Sunday next year so please note the date: Sunday 19th August 2018 – See you there!

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Trophy Winners 2017:

King Trophy – Michael Parmiter
Rylestone Trophy – Sheena Mayo
Dennis Legg Trophy – Keith Eagleton
Basil Malyon Cup – Keith Eagleton
Ralph Bowering Plate – Keith Eagleton
Eileen Brotherton Plate – Margaret Hearing
Winterbourne Trophy – Rebecca Harrington
Hillier Trophy – Sally Webb
Balston Trophy – Rosie Duke
Preserves Cup – Rosie Duke
Brewers Arms Cup – Jan Griffiths
WI Art Cup – Sue Nuttall
Craft Trophy – Rosie Duke
Knitting Trophy – Barbara Eagleton
Steepleton Manor Trophy – Richard Evans
Bilbo Baggins Cup – Eleanor Duke
Chris Taylor Cup – Amber Taylor
Chairman's Cup – Eileen Fisher


Sunday, 14 08 2022

Look out for the next Martinstown Garden and Craft Show will be held in 2020 at the Village Hall

More information to follow...