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Tuesday, 26 01 2021

Green Martinstown Group Aims and Guidelines 

Here are some simple guidelines to help us achieve our aims in a peaceful and respectful manner.

• Our aim is to help Martinstown become more sustainable - leading to carbon neutrality; recognising that this will take however long it takes

• Green Martinstown is non-political 

• We are a non-confrontational group, every voice should be heard and respected 

• We welcome all Martinstown residents to join in and support our aims 

• We recognise human activity is contributing to major climate change but we do not apportion blame or point the finger at anyone – rather, we are and have all been party to taking from 'nature' (as if nature is different from ourselves) with little thought to the consequences. Re-assessing our relationship to nature is crucial to genuine sustainability 

• We do not focus on the threats of climate change, more on the benefits of taking action.

green martinstown logoAn initiative from residents for residents

On 22 April 2020, ‘Earth Day’ celebrated its 50th anniversary. 
However, this year, ‘Earth Day’ should be far more than just a day. 

It should be a historic moment when citizens of the world rise up in a united call, a call for the creativity, innovation, ambition, and bravery we need to meet our climate crisis and to seize the enormous opportunities of a zero-carbon future. Instead, we are spellbound by a pandemic. One that could have been avoided if humans respected nature better. One problem currently overshadows the other, although ultimately, they go hand-in-hand. Yet, as we have seen over these past weeks, even though faced by overwhelming challenges, societies have shown they can work together as part of a larger, global community. 

The pandemic has brought with it harm and tragedy. The future is uncertain. But the lockdown has also given us time to evaluate our lifestyles, if we choose to do so.  Inspired by success stories from other villages across the country, a small group of Martinstown residents have been discussing the possibility of developing an initiative to make Martinstown a ‘green’ sustainable village. 

Talking with others has sparked even greater interest.
Now seems an appropriate time to hold a public meeting, so everybody in the village has the opportunity to participate and contribute. Unfortunately, the situation with the COVID-19 virus has put a temporary hold on publicising a date for such a meeting.  However, ‘going green’ starts with the small things that each of us can change in our daily lives and routines. 

 Here are some ideas for those interested in a more sustainable lifestyle. In many cases it is also cheaper. 

 We hope to see you at the public meeting which will be held at the village hall, to kick off ideas for a Green Martinstown initiative. 

 In the meantime, please keep well and stay safe.

 Please get in touch with your own ideas about a green martinstown:

Deborah and Andy Daw
Keith & Michaela Howat
Trliby Fairfax
Tom and Sally Webb
Jo Lacy Smith
Colin Tracy