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SW Coastal path walk Feb 18

The Martinstown Mileater’s are a very hardy and cheerful group, despite having to endure bitter cold winds on the next leg of the Coastal Path. Seventeen of us and three dogs travelled from Abbottsbury to Chickerell in temperatures that even Scott would have baulked at. We were however, very well wrapped up, and only Malcolm and Stuart didn’t have hats on! The first hill gave us fantastic views of the Swannery and the start of the Fleet. The sun was shining and the water was glistening on the sea. We were nearly blown over, so we had to keep marching onwards to keep warm. Luckily the footpath had dried out after many days of rain, which made the going easier.

SW Coastal path walk 3 Feb 18

Four more walkers joined us at Rodden and we continued on cheerfully to complete the seven mile journey. The walk continued over fields and hugged the coastline, viewing the many birds on the Fleet. (Ann Priddle knows their names.) We managed to find a sheltered spot to have our coffee break and take some photos. Suitably refreshed, we headed into the wind once more.

We ended our walk at the Lugger Inn, Chickerell, but instead of 21 walkers and 3 dogs at the finish, George the Springer Spaniel had decided to play with a football on route and had lost track of where we were. His owner, Martin, therefore had to retrace his steps to find him. Luckily a kindly gentleman, had noticed that George was lost, kept hold of him, and contacted Martin to retrieve him. Both were safely reunited, but rather weary.

SW Coastal path walk 2 Feb 18

The logistics of getting 21 people from A to B on a linear walk, with cars at each end is quite challenging. However, we squashed into cars for the return journey, and in one small car, we had five adults and two large and one small dog. Quite cosy!

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Sunday, 21 10 2018

The Mileaters

The village walking group began some 25 years ago with the aim of walking the Dorset Coast Path, in sections, from the Devon border to Sandbanks. Subsequently the reverse route from Sandbanks to Devon has been undertaken.

We are a friendly group of local residents, ex-residents, and colleagues from the area, who meet on a fortnightly basis to enjoy the diversity of the wonderful Dorset countryside. We take it in turns to lead a walk with most members being allotted a fortnight's slot twice a year. The choice of distance, location, and day within that fortnight is at the discretion of the fortnightly leader, but walks (anywhere in Dorset) are usually between 4 and 8 miles. 

Walk details are distributed by email. A picnic lunch is often carried in the Summer, but a pub lunch in the Winter is the norm - rehydration is de rigueur! Generally we meet on the Village Green at 10.00 a.m.

Nick Priddle tel: 01305 889189