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After Coffee, 24 trekkers trying to sit on one small bench, we reached the first wooded area, coming across a carpet of Bluebells (English), Wood Anenomes and Stitch Wort (thanks Ann). A fallen tree had some walkers considering a limbo competition but too many bad knees and sore backs soon brought in a reality check. The highlight for the quiet bods at the front was the look of disbelief on a small stags face as two dozen humans ventured onto his turf. After giving us his best Paddington hard stare he went about his business ever so slightly annoyed.

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The second wooded area held even more treasures with purple Orchids and wild garlic, just ready to burst forth, plus an unidentified bird’s egg. (Song Thrush, according to Google images)

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The last 400yds, across the Manor House grounds, contained 6 stiles which tried legs found just a little bit of an effort. Ancient earthworks, in the very last field bordered by Devil’s Brook, were overlooked as the Oak Pub and lunch was just the other side of the fence.

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By Martin Usherwood







Sunday, 23 09 2018

The Mileaters

The village walking group began some 25 years ago with the aim of walking the Dorset Coast Path, in sections, from the Devon border to Sandbanks. Subsequently the reverse route from Sandbanks to Devon has been undertaken.

We are a friendly group of local residents, ex-residents, and colleagues from the area, who meet on a fortnightly basis to enjoy the diversity of the wonderful Dorset countryside. We take it in turns to lead a walk with most members being allotted a fortnight's slot twice a year. The choice of distance, location, and day within that fortnight is at the discretion of the fortnightly leader, but walks (anywhere in Dorset) are usually between 4 and 8 miles. 

Walk details are distributed by email. A picnic lunch is often carried in the Summer, but a pub lunch in the Winter is the norm - rehydration is de rigueur! Generally we meet on the Village Green at 10.00 a.m.

Nick Priddle tel: 01305 889189