Mileaters walk on water, or a paddle in the Piddle

walkonwaterA rain-free day at last as 8 Mileaters and Lulu, our diminutive canine companion, set out from The Martyrs Inn in Tolpuddle for what looked to be a straightforward circuit, postponed for inclement weather from earlier in the week.

A pleasant stroll down the Piddle valley via fields, farms and woods ensued, our leader David assuring us there was just one more stile, on more than one occasion! And so we reached the Jubilee Trail just north of Briantspuddle. We safely negotiated the bridge across the fast-flowing River Piddle only to be greeted by a large flooded field. Our intrepid team decided that it was not a problem, as the water got deeper and deeper; eventually there was no turning back and we just had to go for it with the water now nearly up to our knees. We made it across with those wearing wellies feeling distinctly smug; and what of poor Lulu? "I now know she can swim", Lynne was heard to say.

Draining our boots we squelched off through Briantspuddle and the woods to arrive at Culpepper's Dish - the 2 foot deep muddy ruts caused by the logging tractors were just a minor difficulty after our earlier adventures. Refreshed after the coffee stop (I'm sorry that we hijacked your chocolate biscuits Rollo), we briefly inspected the 140ft deep sinkhole, before heading down to Affpuddle and then back to Tolpuddle, where Lulu's towel was much in demand.

After recuperating in The Martyrs, it was back home to enjoy that well-known Billy Joel track: "Wade in the Water".

Nick Priddle.