Dear Martinstown folk...

pc long current 1I would just like to introduce PC 1316 Jim Long who is now the new Rural Neighbourhood Police Officer.

He will be looking after Rural West and Rural East of Dorchester so does have a large area to cover but does hope to get out and about to meet you all at some time or another.

Jim used to be the Dorchester Town Neighbourhood Police Officer so is not new to the role just the area and he is also our Wildlife Officer so fits in nicely with him being out and about in the rural villages.

pcso6534jane goodwinYou still have myself PCSO 5410 Sarah Pilcher and PCSO 6534 Jane Goodwin along with our Neighbourhood Sergeant 1824 Ged Want for the foreseeable but we do have 3 new PCSO’s starting their training beginning of December. Some of these will take the place of PCSO’s moving on to become PC’s so there may be a re shuffle in areas in the New year but for now please don’t hesitate to contact us above should you need any help or advice regarding Police matters.

PCSO 5410 Sarah Pilcher