New Sign for Martinstown Washing Pool

The Washing Pool renovation has been partly funded by the Parish Council, Dorset Ridgeway Team and the Dorset AONB. Historical information, photo graphs etc courtesy of Margaret Hearing and co-ordination of the project by Martinstown Parish Council. 

The Washing Pool is unique in its size and state of preservation.  It is one of the rarer structures in this part of the country. A quick internet search throws up approx. another half dozen or so in various states of repair, none of the same original quality. In Dorset I believe there to be one only one other in Littlebredy near Bridehead but not in the same league. 

As a small village, with a long history in the farming community, the Parish council thought that the Sheep Washing Pool renovation to be an important historic investment for the village and a visitor attraction. Already, the Pool has been visited by a group from New Zealand. The new information board will only add to that visitor experience and shortly we hope to erect a new finger post to tempt people to explore further than the Brewer's front door.

Martin Usherwood