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Mileaters Walk... Askerswell, Powerstock Castle and the Old Railway.


The Mileaters enjoyed their first walk of 2020 on 2January. There was an excellent turnout of 24 walkers with two more joining us later for lunch at the Spyway, Askerswell, where we enjoyed some excellent freshly cooked meals. The walk from the pub car park avoided the steep climb to the heights of Eggardon Hill but did not miss out on some fine views of that hill as well as towards Shipton Hill and, further afield, Beaminster Down and Golden Cap.


From Askerswell the walk headed due North coming out onto the road between North Eggardon Farm and Nettlecombe but soon turned off onto the old Maiden Newton to Bridport railway line heading onward to the Powerstock road. After a short distance we then turned off for our coffee stop at the Motte and Bailey East of Powerstock and Nettlecombe, a fascinating but little known site; the castle was once owned by King John and later visited by Henry III. The castle ditches afforded welcome shelter from the rain while we stopped for coffee. Heading back South we rejoined the line by the old Powerstock station. This became a private residence in 1968 well before closure of the line in 1975 – all thet while since occupied by the same family. The old platform can still be seen in their garden. 


Given the recent terrible weather we were grateful for a dry morning and mostly good tracks; there were some inevitable tricky negotiations around muddy gateways and one completely flooded area where Rollo produced secateurs to cut a way through the bramble around the edge. Our return back to the Spyway, was uneventful and the pub was grateful that we were by then quite strung out arriving in dribs and drabs to order drinks and wait for our food!


Rollo Clifford

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WINTER Timetable

Waste Watch Scheme
- operating in the village.

Although papers can be separated and recycled with the bi-weekly refuse collection this scheme means that the local parish can financially benefit from separate treatment of newspapers.

There are two collection points each located at the Parish Office and the car park of the Village Hall by means of a green bin or box.

Your used newspapers and magazines can be bundled into manageable piles and securely tied with sturdy string. Newspapers and magazines should be bundled separately but can be placed in the same boxes and are regularly collected.

Please use this method of recycling where possible as credit is received via the current scheme to the parish for use towards local matters.

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Mondays and Fridays

Start - Aline Office
1st Stop - Mallards Green
2nd Stop - Manor Grove
3rd Stop - Village Shop
Finish - Aline Office
Leaves the Village Shop at 10.15am

Start - Aline Office
1st Stop - Mallards Green
2nd Stop - Manor Grove
3rd Stop - Village Shop
Finish - Aline Office
Leaves the Village Shop at 13.15am

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Friday, 28 02 2020


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Recycling, Rubbish & Food collection


Recycling, Rubbish
& Food collection

Collections take place

5 - recycling and food
12 - rubbish and food
19- recycling and food
28 - rubbish and food (Sat)

4 - recycling and food (Sat)
10 - rubbish and food (Fri)
16- recycling and food
23 - rubbish and food
30 - recycling and food

* Except where otherwise stated

Garden Waste 


8 and 22

Please note, there are no garden waste collections for two weeks over Christmas and New Year

5 and 19

MARCH 2020
4 and 18

What to do on your collection day

  • Please leave your container out by 6am

  • Please leave your containers at the kerbside

  • Please do not overfill your containers so that they are too heavy for our collection crews to move and lift safely

    You can download and print a new calendar at

To report a missed collection or other problem, or to contact us, go to or call (01305) 221040


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