Mileaters’ Night Walk

9 moonlight walk a

"T’was the night before lockdown and all through the village,

Not a thing was stirring not even the silage."

Not true!

In fact thirteen bold mileaters were stirring their limbs for a night hike to the ridgeway path and what a glorious walk it turned out to be.

We met on the green under moonlight (and some head torches) and quietly animated, plotted our way up Groves Hill, through the wood and along past the tumuli to the ridgeway path. It was a walk familiar to most although the darkness added an element of suspense and adventure. 

The multi coloured lights of Portland and the brightly lit cruise ships in the bay provided a fitting backdrop to some moving poems read by Cathie and Stuart.

It was such a lovely night that we didn’t want to leave this special time and  place but we did of course, how else could I be writing this!

In some way the walk seemed a fitting tribute to our solidarity as we enter another period of isolation.

Many thanks to all those who made it such a memorable night.

Stuart Nuttall