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Three Martinstonian dogs and their nineteen mile-eating companions enjoyed three days of sunshine and clear September skies at the Northfield Hotel located in the quiet and charming outskirts of Minehead, on the edge of Exmoor. We enjoyed the beautiful garden and terrace and the braver of us made good use of the indoor pool and the temperamental jacuzzi.  But of course we were there primarily for the walking.


Our thanks must go to whoever we believe organised the weather and all the more to Nick whom we know devised and led the walks. This year he had to do that without face to face knowledge of the area relying on his skill and perseverance. Nick created walks that were varied, taking in woods, dramatic cliff views, open countryside. They included Dunster, Selworthy Beacon and Selworthy village, and the remnants of Burgundy chapel just (deeply) off the coastal path.  As we have come to expect, he built in flexibility to cater for different needs and capacities; and as always he led with quiet authority and good humour. 


An unusual addition to a Mileaters’ holiday, afternoon hotel tea, was appreciated. Even those initially sceptical were seen tucking into the scones and cake. And it afforded the opportunity to celebrate Louisa’s birthday. She seems to be making a habit of having her birthday in September, the traditional month for these annual excursions. 



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Waste Watch Scheme
- operating in the village.

Although papers can be separated and recycled with the bi-weekly refuse collection this scheme means that the local parish can financially benefit from separate treatment of newspapers.

There are two collection points each located at the Parish Office and the car park of the Village Hall by means of a green bin or box.

Your used newspapers and magazines can be bundled into manageable piles and securely tied with sturdy string. Newspapers and magazines should be bundled separately but can be placed in the same boxes and are regularly collected.

Please use this method of recycling where possible as credit is received via the current scheme to the parish for use towards local matters.

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Wednesday, 08 12 2021


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Recycling, Rubbish & Food collection


Recycling, Rubbish
& Food collection

Collections take place
*unless otherwise indicated

7 - Recycling and Food
14 - Rubbish and Food
21 - Recycling and Food
28 - Rubbish and Food

4 - Recycling and Food
11 - Rubbish and Food
18 - Recycling and Food
25 - Rubbish and Food

2 - Recycling and Food
9 - Rubbish and Food
16 - Recycling and Food
23 - Rubbish and Food
30 - Recycling and Food

6 - Rubbish and Food
13 - Recycling and Food
20 - Rubbish and Food
27 - Recycling and Food

Garden Waste 

Collection is generally every other WEDNESDAY (starting from13th October 2021)

What to do on your collection day

  • Please leave your container out by 6am

  • Please leave your containers at the kerbside

  • Please do not overfill your containers so that they are too heavy for our collection crews to move and lift safely

    You can download and print a new calendar at

To report a missed collection or other problem, or to contact us, go to or call (01305) 221040


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