Mileaters Walk, Monday 8 November
IMG 1544

Monday 8 November started grey and damp as 4 dogs escorted by 19 Mileaters set out on our latest excursion.  This time our start and end point was the True Lovers Knot, a pub in Tarrant Keyneston, a longish drive but well worth the effort.  From there we walked a known route, but one which we had not done for some time, across the fields to Spetisbury, along the old railway line and back across the water meadows which were definitely living up to their name.  The more intrepid among us also scaled the iron age fort of Crawford Castle to enjoy wide ranging views towards sister forts from a bygone age.  

Along the way we visited the thirteenth century church of St Mary, whose walls are decorated with the remains of 13thand 14th century frescoes which were rediscovered in the 1970s.  Further on we crossed the old stone bridge at Spetisbury, pausing for a photograph there to echo one taken the last time we did this walk.

IMG 1546

Our coffee break was taken on the former station platform at Spetisbury; alas no trains have run through there since the 1950’s.  The rain held off until we arrived back at our cars in time for a well earned pub lunch.

All in all a very pleasant walk of approximately 5.7 miles, no big hills to climb, and a good route for an autumn morning.

Linda Scotts, Lynne Axford, and of course, Lulu