Mileaters Night Walk

19th November 8.30pm by the Church on the Green was the rendezvous and in the end 12 mileaters made it. It was warm, almost too warm, for the extra layers of clothing we had put on and the exertion we were about to make. Nevertheless, we trod the well-worn path up to the Ridgeway via Groves Hill and the small wood. Familiar but different in the half light of a full moon covered by cloud. 

This small group gathered to hear poems and music and then some silence to enjoy the majesty of the place. A clear sky would have been even more magical.

Weymouth, Portland and perhaps even the Isle of White were in view. It was very quiet, we could hear nothing from all those lives being led just below us nor any animal noises. Just us.

Thanks to Jo and Cathie for the poems and Katie and Peter for the music.

Thank you also to those who shared it.

Stuart Nuttall