Mileaters’ Walk - March 22nd 2022

March 22
Having scoured West Dorset to find a car park that would accommodate the large number of cars needed for recent Mileaters’ walks, in the event our numbers were reduced to eleven humans and four dogs,  by a combination of the plague, family commitments, retirement  ( for the second time), and foreign adventures. 

In glorious sunshine and a welcome gentle breeze we set off from the Black Dog pub in Broadmayne.  Our six mile walk took us over wide gently undulating fields brimming with early rape, big skies. Not dramatic but peaceful, calming.  Having crossed  the gallops at Whitcombe and glimpsed Came House, a fine mid eighteenth manor house, we took refreshments in a chalk quarry before moving on to Whitcombe, a charming hamlet with a church that has fragments of medieval wall paintings, including unusually one of a mermaid combing her hair. Then back to Broadmayne via West Knighton and a welcome lunch outside where we were joined by Gerald, a beer already in his hand.

Tony Seigal