Mileaters Walk - 22nd April 2022

22nd April 22 walk
A successful walk even if a trifle disappointing. Successful in that 22 mileaters attended and the sun shone, and it wasn’t too taxing and everyone chatted and good humour abounded. Disappointing to some that we didn’t get in any way lost. Not one teeny weeny step was misplaced, sorry. And the picnic stop at Margaret’s seat was voted the best ever. I exaggerate a little, but it was lovely.

We started in Sutton Poyntz, from the Springhead Pub, walked along Puddledock lane reaching the base of Chalbury Hill Fort, skirting it, similarly with Green Hill teasing a steady but gradual incline up to the Ridgeway and it's fine views over Weymouth Harbour.  Walking above the renowned horse was very pleasant and it was a calm day. We descended into Osmington village via the rough chalk path and took the second of the two ways over fields back to Sutton Poyntz. The two stallions seemed quite relaxed about twenty-two of us sharing their field, even allowing a gentle nuzzle with some.

The pub was as efficient as ever and the beer excellent.

In fact, the walk was so satisfying that Roelie and Phil and Ollie decided to do it again backwards. NO not actually walking backwards, I meant in reverse. Which was equally satisfying but looked very different. As it would. The front of a horse is different to the rear.  

Thanks to all who came and made it a great walk.

Sue and Stuart