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New Sheep Wash Pool sign erected

A new sign has been erected in the village. Margaret Hearing has donated profits from the sale of her 'Book of Martinstown' to pay for the installation of a sign to the Sheep Wash Pool. 

The actual fingerpost has been made by ‘The Mens’ Shed’ in Dorchester and the arrangements with them were handled by Anne Bennett which we thank her for. 

Thanks also to Roger Wiltshire who fitted the fingerpost into a new post which he then replaced into the position of the original post. 

Above is a photo of the fingerpost with the Public Bridleway and Pick up your 💩replaced.


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New Sign for Martinstown Washing Pool

The Washing Pool renovation has been partly funded by the Parish Council, Dorset Ridgeway Team and the Dorset AONB. Historical information, photo graphs etc courtesy of Margaret Hearing and co-ordination of the project by Martinstown Parish Council. 

The Washing Pool is unique in its size and state of preservation.  It is one of the rarer structures in this part of the country. A quick internet search throws up approx. another half dozen or so in various states of repair, none of the same original quality. In Dorset I believe there to be one only one other in Littlebredy near Bridehead but not in the same league. 

As a small village, with a long history in the farming community, the Parish council thought that the Sheep Washing Pool renovation to be an important historic investment for the village and a visitor attraction. Already, the Pool has been visited by a group from New Zealand. The new information board will only add to that visitor experience and shortly we hope to erect a new finger post to tempt people to explore further than the Brewer's front door.

Martin Usherwood

Poundbury Art Club poster

Martinstown are Winners of Dorset Best Village 2018 - Large Village, Previous Winners category

village winners

At the presentation evening this week for Dorset Best Village 2018 organised by Dorset Community Action, sponsored by Magna Housing and supported by Dorset Echo, Martinstown was the winner in the category of Large Village - Previous Winner (i.e. there is a category for villages that have been previous winners so that the same village can’t win every time).

The Dorset Echo reports that: “Judges travelled more than 900 miles across Dorset this summer as they inspected villages taking part. While looking out for well-kept greens and finger posts, tidy churchyards and rubbish-free playgrounds, they also note the work going on in communities behind the scenes to look after their villages.”

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MARCH 2021

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Information from Dorset Council on the Corona Virus


transport timtable
*As at 26th March 2020.

Announcement on the
First Group bus services
from Sunday 29 March.
There will be no X51
service at all
until further notice.

Waste Watch Scheme
- operating in the village.

Although papers can be separated and recycled with the bi-weekly refuse collection this scheme means that the local parish can financially benefit from separate treatment of newspapers.

There are two collection points each located at the Parish Office and the car park of the Village Hall by means of a green bin or box.

Your used newspapers and magazines can be bundled into manageable piles and securely tied with sturdy string. Newspapers and magazines should be bundled separately but can be placed in the same boxes and are regularly collected.

Please use this method of recycling where possible as credit is received via the current scheme to the parish for use towards local matters.

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aline logo

Mondays and Fridays

Start - Aline Office
1st Stop - Mallards Green
2nd Stop - Manor Grove
3rd Stop - Village Shop
Finish - Aline Office
Leaves the Village Shop at 10.15am

Start - Aline Office
1st Stop - Mallards Green
2nd Stop - Manor Grove
3rd Stop - Village Shop
Finish - Aline Office
Leaves the Village Shop at 13.15am

Visit the Aline Taxis website HERE

Saturday, 06 03 2021


school bag
Winterbourne Valley
CE VA First School
click here

Recycling, Rubbish & Food collection


Recycling, Rubbish
& Food collection

Collections take place
*unless otherwise indicated

MARCH 2020
5 - rubbish and food
12- recycling and food
19 - rubbish and food
26 - recycling and food

APRIL 2020
2 - rubbish and food (Fri)
9- recycling and food
16 - rubbish and food
23 - recycling and food
30 - rubbish and food

MAY 2020
7 - recycling and food
14 - rubbish and food (Fri)
21- recycling and food
28 - rubbish and food

JUNE 2020
4 - recycling and food
11 - rubbish and food (Fri)
18- recycling and food
25 - rubbish and food

JULY 2020
2 - recycling and food
9 - rubbish and food (Fri)
16- recycling and food
23 - rubbish and food
30 - recycling and food

6 - rubbish and food (Fri)
13- recycling and food
20 - rubbish and food
27 - recycling and food

3 - rubbish and food 
10- recycling and food
17 - rubbish and food
24 - recycling and food

1 - rubbish and food
8- recycling and food
15 - rubbish and food
22 - recycling and food
29 - rubbish and food

5 - recycling and food
12 - rubbish and food
19- recycling and food
26 - rubbish and food

3 - recycling and food
10 - rubbish and food
17- recycling and food
24 - rubbish and food

2 - recycling and food (Sat)
8 - rubbish and food (Fri)
14- recycling and food
21 - rubbish and food
28 - recycling and food

Garden Waste 

APRIL 2020

MAY 2020
13 and 27

JUNE 2020
10 and 24

JULY 2020
8 and 22

5 and 19

2, 16 and 30

14 and 28

11 and 25

9 and 23


3 and 17

MARCH 2020
3, 17 and 31

What to do on your collection day

  • Please leave your container out by 6am

  • Please leave your containers at the kerbside

  • Please do not overfill your containers so that they are too heavy for our collection crews to move and lift safely

    You can download and print a new calendar at

To report a missed collection or other problem, or to contact us, go to or call (01305) 221040


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