Clerk to the Council

Michele Harding
Telephone: 07814 016971

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 Current Planning-  

Erection of dwelling & garage. Form vehicular & pedestrian access

Planning Application


Ref. No: WD/D/20/001652 

Agendas, Minutes, Finance

and Correspondence reports

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 August Agenda                                  August Minutes

 August Finance                                  August Correspondence


July Agenda                                        July Minutes

July Finance Report                           July Correspondence


June Agenda                                      June Minutes

June Finance report                          June Correspondence


May Agenda                                        May Minutes

May Finance report                            May Correspondence

AGAR 2019-20


Feb Agenda                              Feb Minutes

Feb Finance                              Feb Correspondence


Jan Agenda                              Jan Minutes

Jan Finance                              Jan Correspondence


Dec Finance


Nov Agenda                              Nov Minutes             

Nov Finance                              Nov Correspondence


Oct Agenda                              Oct Minutes             

Oct Finance                              Oct Correspondence

No September meeting

Aug Agenda                             Aug Minutes               

Aug Finance                             Aug Correspondence     


July  Agenda                            July Minutes               

July Finance                             July Correspondence         


June Agenda                           June Minutes              

June Finance                           June Correspondence

Annual Parish Draft Minutes 

Annual Parish Meeting Agenda 2019

Chairmans Report 2018-19

May Agenda                     May Minutes                       

May Finance                    May Correspondence


April Agenda                    April Minutes                         

April Finance                    April Correspondence



March 2019 Agenda                                                   March 2019 Minutes

February 2019 Agenda                                              February 2019 Minutes

January 2019 Agenda                                                January 2019 Minutes

December 2018 Personnel Committee Agenda        December 2018 Personnel Committee Minutes

November 2018 Agenda                                            November 2018 Minutes

Extra-Ordinary Meeting October 2018 Agenda          Extra-Ordinary Meeting October 2018 Minutes

October 2018 Agenda                                                October 2018 Minutes

September 2018 Agenda                                           September 2018 Minutes

August 2018 Agenda                                                  August 2018 Minutes

July 2018 Agenda                                                       July 2018 Minutes

June 2018 Agenda                                                     June 2018 Minutes

May 2018 Agenda                                                      May 2018 Minutes

May 2018 Agenda Annual Meeting                            May 2018 Annual Report
May 2018 Minutes Annual Meeting

April 2018 Agenda                                                      April 2018 Minutes



March 2018 Agenda                                                  March 2018 Minutes

February 2018 Agenda                                             February 2018 Minutes

January 2018 Agenda                                              January 2018 Minutes

November 2017 Agenda                                          November 2017 Minutes

Stonewater Development Documents

September 2017 Agenda                                         September 2017 Minutes

July 2017 Agenda                                                    July 2017 Minutes

June 2017 Traffic Report

June 2017 Traffic Data Burnside

June 2017 Traffic Data Mallards Green

May 2017 Agenda                                                    May 2017 Minutes

May 2017 Annual Meeting Agenda                         May 2017 Annual Meeting Minutes

May 2017 Annual Report

April 2017 Agenda                                                     April 2017 Minutes



March 2017 Agenda                                                  March 2017 Minutes

January 2017 Agenda                                               January 2017 Minutes

November 2016 Agenda                                           November 2016 Minutes

September 2016 Agenda                                          September 2016 Minutes

July 2016 Agenda                                                     July 2016 Minutes

May 2016 Agenda                                                
    May 2016 Annual Parish Meeting Agenda

May 2016 Minutes                                                    May 2016 Chairman’s Report

Thursday, 24 09 2020

Council Meetings



The next meeting of the Parish Council is on: 

Wednesday 26th August 2020 via Zoom

Meeting instrucions  via Zoom will be on the agenda

Future meeting dates:

28th Oct 2020

25th Nov 2020

No meeting in December

27th Jan 2021

24th Feb 2021

24th Mar 2021