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Michele Harding
Telephone: 07814 016971

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The Parish Council has a responsibility to make certain detail and documents available to view. Below are links to some of those matters.

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2019-20  Financial year ends on 31st March 2020, the Annual accounts will be published as soon as they have been internally audited at this point they will be made available for public view.

2018-19 Statutory Financial Statements

March 2019 Annual Audit       

March 2019 Accounting Statements     

March 2019 Notice of Public Rights   

Certificate of Exemption 2018-19

Items of expenditure over £100

Budget and Precept 2019/20 as at Nov 2019



Internal and External Audits 2017/2018
March 2018 Annual Accounts

Internal and External Audits 2016/2017
March 2017 Annual Accounts

Internal and External Audits 2015/2016
March 2016 Annual Accounts
March 2015 Annual Accounts

Precept Plan 2016/2017


Current Contracts
Items of spend over £100
List of items

Thursday, 09 04 2020

Council Meetings



The next meeting of the Parish Council is on: 

TBC- the PC will update this as soon as a date can be confirmed considering the current situation with the Coronavirus, it is hoped to hold a meeting in May

at The Magna Housing Community Room,

Manor Grove, Martinstown, Dorchester, 

Dorset DT2 9JD

Future meeting dates:

Marhc meeting has been cancelled

The Annual Parish Meeting has been cancelled

No PC meeting in April

27th May 2020- Annual Parish Council meeting

At this meeting the PC elect the Chair & Vice and approve the Annual Return

24th June 2020

29th July 2020

26th Aug 2020

24th Sep 2020

28th Oct 2020

25th Nov 2020