Clerk to the Council

Michele Harding
Telephone: 07814 016971

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The Parish Council has a responsibility to make certain detail and documents available to view. Below are links to some of those matters.

Please CLICK on link to view PDFs:

2019-20  Financial year ends on 31st March 2020

Notice of Public Rights and publication

WSM PC AGAR 2019-20 

Certificate of exemption

Explanation of variances

Items of expenditure over £100

Bank reconcilitation 31st March 20


2018-19 Statutory Financial Statements

March 2019 Annual Audit       

March 2019 Accounting Statements     

March 2019 Notice of Public Rights   

Certificate of Exemption 2018-19

Items of expenditure over £100

Budget and Precept 2019/20 as at Nov 2019



Internal and External Audits 2017/2018
March 2018 Annual Accounts

Internal and External Audits 2016/2017
March 2017 Annual Accounts

Internal and External Audits 2015/2016
March 2016 Annual Accounts
March 2015 Annual Accounts

Precept Plan 2016/2017


Current Contracts
Items of spend over £100
List of items

Monday, 21 09 2020

Council Meetings



The next meeting of the Parish Council is on: 

Wednesday 26th August 2020 via Zoom

Meeting instrucions  via Zoom will be on the agenda

Future meeting dates:

28th Oct 2020

25th Nov 2020

No meeting in December

27th Jan 2021

24th Feb 2021

24th Mar 2021