Martinstown's Just-for-Fun Garden Show

To be held out of doors on Sunday 16th August 2020 at the Village Hall,  2 - 4pm (weather permitting)

To celebrate our gardens, we will be holding this out-of-the-ordinary just-for-fun show.  In each class, there will be a first place award only.

No cups or trophies will be awarded this year, but there will be garden-related prizes!

Please note that the Village Hall will not be be open to the public by this date and so there will be no access to toilets and we won't be able to offer refreshments.  Why not have a socially-distanced picnic on the Green instead?

Look out for entry forms which have been delivered to Martinstown residents and are also available from Martinstown Village Stores.


Just-for-Fun Show Schedule


  1. Greatest weight of potatoes grown from supplied seed potato – to be weighed by a guest judge
  2. Heaviest single potato, any variety
  3. Longest runner bean
  4. Longest carrot
  5. Heaviest single tomato, any variety
  6. Longest truss of tomatoes, any variety, to contain at least 5 ripe tomatoes
  7. Heaviest marrow
  8. Heaviest onion
  9. Standard seed tray* containing the greatest number of different types of vegetables (eg 1 runner bean, 1beetroot, 1 carrot etc etc – use your ingenuity!)


  1. Heaviest apple, any variety
  2. Longest stick of rhubarb (measurement will not include leaf)
  3. Standard seed tray* containing the greatest number of different types of fruit  (as above, use your ingenuity!)


  1. Largest diameter sunflower head
  2. Largest diameter dahlia
  3. Tallest gladiolus
  4. Best  Valley Club fuchsia – this will be a public vote
  5. Most beautiful rose – to be decided by a guest judge

*standard seed tray size is 38 cm x 24 cm. The RHS guidance regarding what is a fruit and what is a vegetable will be used.