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Saturday, 25 06 2022

PlusBus is part of Dorset Community Transport (DCT) which in turn is part of Ealing Community Transport (ECT) … because Head Office is in Ealing, West London.

Contact details: 01258 287 980 (Blandford) and  

The PlusBus through Martinstown was set up approximately 12 months ago.

PlusBus runs every Wednesday into Dorchester at the following times (give or take five-minutes):
Swyre - 09.20
Puncknowle - 09.30
Litton Cheney - 09.40
Long Bredy - 09.45
Little Bredy - 09.55
Portesham - 10.00
Abbotsbury - 10.05
Martinstown - 10.10
W. Steepleton - 10.15

The PlusBus return journey leaves Dorchester from Trinity Street (opposite the Post Office) at 13.00.

Using PlusBus;
The PlusBus license does not allow the pick-up of non-booked passengers. Before you can use PlusBus you must telephone and register your details. In addition, you book a place by 1430 the previous day.  PlusBus can be used for group bookings for going out on daytrips.

PlusBus fares:
The PlusBus return fare to Dorchester is £5.00. PlusBus do not provide single direction journeys. However they would do so, but the fare would still be £5.00. At present PlusBus do not accept concessionary bus passes.

Apparently the PlusBus service is not well used and Kerry said she hoped more people would use it.