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Bus pass usage before 0930 hrs.

In early-2017 Dorset County Councillors voted to stop funding the use of concessionary bus passes before 0930 hrs from 24th July 2017. Since then Sir Oliver Letwin MP and the Winterbourne Valley Transport Group have pursued this matter with several different people within DCC trying to persuade them to make an exception for Winterbourne Valley residents as the only buses we have that go into Dorchester all run before 0930 hrs. I regret that, to date, we have been unsuccessful and therefore travel into town on the early morning buses will have to be paid for.

We continue our attempts to get additional buses through the valley and hope to be able to bring better tidings in the future.

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*As at 26th March 2020.

Announcement on the
First Group bus services
from Sunday 29 March.
There will be no X51
service at all
until further notice.

Sunday, 26 09 2021

PlusBus is part of Dorset Community Transport (DCT) which in turn is part of Ealing Community Transport (ECT) … because Head Office is in Ealing, West London.

Contact details: 01258 287 980 (Blandford) and  

The PlusBus through Martinstown was set up approximately 12 months ago.

PlusBus runs every Wednesday into Dorchester at the following times (give or take five-minutes):
Swyre - 09.20
Puncknowle - 09.30
Litton Cheney - 09.40
Long Bredy - 09.45
Little Bredy - 09.55
Portesham - 10.00
Abbotsbury - 10.05
Martinstown - 10.10
W. Steepleton - 10.15

The PlusBus return journey leaves Dorchester from Trinity Street (opposite the Post Office) at 13.00.

Using PlusBus;
The PlusBus license does not allow the pick-up of non-booked passengers. Before you can use PlusBus you must telephone and register your details. In addition, you book a place by 1430 the previous day.  PlusBus can be used for group bookings for going out on daytrips.

PlusBus fares:
The PlusBus return fare to Dorchester is £5.00. PlusBus do not provide single direction journeys. However they would do so, but the fare would still be £5.00. At present PlusBus do not accept concessionary bus passes.

Apparently the PlusBus service is not well used and Kerry said she hoped more people would use it.