Mileaters in the mist.

The wet weather continued throughout March which made the already sodden fields and paths extremely muddy for our walk at Ringstead Bay. Twenty three walkers arrived at the the National Trust car park to start the walk to be greeted by another weather element that we were not expecting. Fog!

The area is one of the most picturesque coastal regions in Dorset and it was somewhat disappointing not to enjoy the views that we knew were out there. However in true Mileater fashion we carried on regardless and were rewarded after an hour or so by the fog lifting a little to give a few glimpses of the coastline.

We set off in an easterly direction until we reached an obelisk on the cliff which was one of a pair the other was sited 400 metres away but there was no chance of seeing it. The purpose of the obelisk was for shipping navigation and although they were once painted white they were now just grey stone.

We continued past the old coast guard cottages at White Nothe and along the cliff path eventually reaching the wooden Church of St Catherine by the sea where we rested for coffee. At this point some of the group took a shortcut back to the cars whilst the others continued to Ringstead Bay and back via a very unforgiving climb.

Lunch was at The Black Dog in Broadmayne. Despite the weather a good time was had by all.