Start of X51 bus service

By the posters that have been put up and the leaflets that have been put through most of the letter boxes in Winterbourne Steepleton, North & South Rew, Martinstown and Mallards Green you should by now know that the X51 bus service is due to start running once more through the Winterbourne Valley from Sunday, 12th May 2024.

The day after those posters and leaflets had been printed, the organisers of the Hardy Half Marathon moved the starting time from 1000 to 1010 hrs so that the two buses, that were not expected to be able to run through the valley on Sunday, 12th May 2024 due to road closures, should now come through: provided they are running on time. However, with the X51 being a rural bus service subject to delays on a daily basis caused by tractors, sheep, cows, cyclists, horse-riders and frequent accidents, the running of these two buses should not be seen as a certainty.

An event to celebrate the return of the bus is due to take place on the start day, this coming Sunday, 12th May 2024, at the bus stop opposite Martinstown’s Village Hall to welcome the bus due to arrive from Dorchester at 1207 hrs. After some photographs to record the event, taken quickly so as not to delay the bus, we shall propose to retire for a social drink in the Brewers Arms' garden, if dry, or inside the pub if raining. I hope to see some of you there.